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13 Aug Par-T-Pets

Par-T-Perfect Asheville is the go-to resource for party ideas for kids in WNC. The newest innovative product we’re offering is Par-T-Pets, which kids love and allows them to add the personal touch to their favorite stuffed animals. Adorable and affordable, these play toys are perfect for a variety of events and are sure to make a lasting impression. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or a girl’s princess party, Par-T-Pets will make sure that the event is a hit.

How it Works

This concept is similar to other build your own stuffed animal toys and lets children stuff their own animal until it becomes a soft and huggable toy. The process is simple and straightforward, and children truly enjoy seeing their new stuffed animal come to life right before their eyes. Par-T-Pets are great party ideas for kids because they love assembling their own stuffed toys, and it provides a personal touch that you don’t find with most pre-made products.

Types of Pets

There are many different pets to choose from including a cat, dog, unicorns, polar bear, penguin, dragon, monkey, and more. Each is approximately eight inches tall and very cuddly. Each works well for a variety of events and is sure to put a smile on children’s faces. Girls tend to love the cat and unicorn pets, and the husky dog is a big hit with boys year round. Whether it’s a themed party of just a fun gathering, Par-T-Pets are just what you need to crank up the fun.


You have multiple choices when it comes to ordering. You can either have the pets shipped directly to your door with complete directions on running your event. Or you can allow Par-T-Perfect to coordinate the event for you and provide a full-service animal stuffing party.


One of the best things about Par-T-Pets is how affordable they are. Each one only costs $6.95, and you can add-on other fun options like; wishing stars, stuffing sticks, a downloadable adoption certificate and party invitation. There are also full instructions to prevent confusion and make the process as simple as possible. Please note that you can also find stuffing at your local fabric or sewing store, so ordering it directly is optional.

Here at Par-T-Perfect, we would love to provide you with everything you need for a memorable teddy stuffing party. Please call today for more party ideas for kids and to get your very own Par-T-Pets.