Children Love Us

09 Jun Children Love Us

Photo booths are making an appearance everywhere these days. Once restricted to malls or county fairs, photo booths are now available for a number of private celebrations and occasions. What better way to encourage kids to have fun while creating lasting memories than by renting a selfie photo booth? Most cannot resist the urge to go into a booth and get a little silly, wild or zany in front of the camera.

Your child will have an exciting party while having reminders of the occasion in print. Each booth comes accompanied by an attendant who is responsible for booth set-up and take-down, along with assisting guests with booth operation, which ensures that everyone enjoys their experience.

Photo Prints

Seconds after taking a photograph and exiting the booth, the printer produces the results of the session. Photo reproduction requires an estimated 30 seconds from the time the camera flashes until the photo prints and dries. The selfie photo booth is equipped with high-quality paper that assures fine picture quality. Guests are also free to enter the booth as many times as desired. Take pictures as singles, in groups of two or more. The speed of the equipment means that as soon as one person or group leaves the booth, another may immediately enter to begin their session.

Professional Quality-High Resolution Photographs

The selfie photo booth has professional cameras and studio lighting, which ensures exceptional image quality. Photos are printed as strips or as single 4×6 prints. The quality of the images means files may be enlarged to 8×10 or larger. Guests may choose from black and white, full-color or sepia, antique-looking photographs. The photos may be uploaded to social sites, sent to a photo gallery or transferred to a DVD.

User Friendly Booths

After entering the booth and closing the curtain, guests encounter an LCD screen featuring a large, labeled start button. The screen displays all of the instructions needed before the photo session begins. Users merely press the start button and choose photo and background color. Instructions also cue participants where to look and when to smile before the camera snaps the picture. The software additionally alerts users when each session ends.

Customize the Experience

Kids have the chance to increase the fun and silliness by donning an array of silly props that are available with the selfie photo booth. Boas, hats, glasses and wigs are some of the costume options that allow teens to express themselves in the moment. Add a unique caption or title to each photograph to enhance the fun.


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