Photo Booth Rentals for Weddings

Asheville Photo Booth Rentals for Weddings

16 Oct Photo Booth Rentals for Weddings

Your wedding should be a unique event that guests will remember for years to come as a magical day filled with stunning imagery and beautiful, loving moments. You want your day to be special for you and your spouse, but for your guests as well. Asheville, NC has stunning vistas and unique venues for your special day.

Mountain Backdrop

There aren’t many places in the U. S. where you can find a beautiful mountain background that can be incorporated into your big day. In the Asheville area, there’s the chance to have your wedding at the top of a stunning vista with the mountains behind you and your beloved. When you have your wedding at a beautiful small town like Asheville, you want to make your day completely memorable. The best way to make memories is with a photo booth for guests.

Photo Opportunities

Wedding photo booth rentals do not have to be limiting. You can use a variety of props and backdrops for the photo booth depending on the theme of your wedding.

Potential Props

  • Fake Mustaches
  • Feather Boas
  • Chalkboard Messages
  • Fake Top Hats and Tiaras
  • Frames
  • Flowers

A photo booth incorporated into your wedding day reception is a great way for guests to add an element of fun and whimsy to the proceedings. If you provide a chalkboard for your guests, they’ll come up with their own sayings, quotes and inspired messages to share with you instead of the traditional speeches and toasts. It’s a fresh way to bring in a traditional photo booth.

Forget Tradition

On your big day, you can bring in as much tradition or as much original design ideas as you want. Instead of having an enclosed photo booth, you might want a booth that will allow you to frame the mountains in the background. It would be a shame to leave out nature’s best backdrop in favor of a plain wall inside the booth. Don’t feel limited by the choices. Ask the wedding photo booth rentals company whether you can get a photo booth that can incorporate the mountains. A beautiful frame would be perfect around those mountains as well as your guests.

When choosing the details of your big day, don’t forget the reception where guests will be encouraged to have a good time. Wedding tabletop photo booth rentals will give your guests an opportunity to bring their own unique style to your special day. It wouldn’t be the same without family and friends. Make sure to include them in your day.