Tabletop Photo Booths Great for All Occasions

16 Jun Tabletop Photo Booths Great for All Occasions

One of the trends sweeping the country is tabletop photo booths. These free standing photo booths are perfect for any occasion and can be a great way to create memories. Each table-sized booth includes everything you need to create excellent photos. Best of all, the set-up is portable and customizable, making them a practical choice for weddings, graduations, large crowds, fairs, festivals, trade shows and even business events.

Enhance Your Event

Photos are a great way to make any event memorable. Whether you need to get individual portraits done or want a fun way for people to express themselves, a tabletop photo booth can help. The photo booth can easily fit multiple people. You can also set the booth to have any backdrop you like, allowing your guests to take gorgeous, one-of-a-kind event photos.

Simple to Use

SmoochBooth’s photo booth comes with everything you need to create great pictures. Booths come complete with on-site prints and a live preview. A personal attendant works to ensure that every photo is taken beautifully. Because the camera is positioned in the booth, guests will not have to worry about focusing the lens or making sure the photo isn’t crooked. This means they can focus more on having fun!

Save Time and Money

Events aren’t always cheap, but getting professional photography done doesn’t have to be costly. By using a tabletop photo booth, you can get a more affordable service with many options. The pictures are printed right at the booth. This makes tabletop photo booths an affordable alternative to many different services.

Get the Best Tabletop Rentals

There are several different tabletop set ups that you can use during your event. Working with an experienced company that can provide you with all the right equipment is important. The best tabletop rental companies will understand that you need some flexibility in terms of backdrop, props and scenery. These tabletop booths even allow you to choose from color or a classic black and white. This allows you to truly get any look you want. You can choose to add your name or company logo to each photo strip.

With the popularity of tabletop rentals, it is important to book ahead of time. This can help you ensure that you not only get the best rental, but that is ready and waiting for you on your special day. Call us today at (828) 479-5477 and learn more about how a tabletop photo booth rental can enhance your event.