Weddings and Special Occasions

16 May Weddings and Special Occasions

Hosting a wedding in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina adds an element of charm to the occasion with the gorgeous mountain backdrop and lush green foliage. When it comes to taking pictures, your wedding photographer will capture the official poses and special parts of the ceremony and reception, but he may not catch the candid moments that happen in the meantime. To capture all of the fun and joy that happens on your special day, you would need to hand every guest a camera and hope that they took the right pictures. Fortunately, there’s a better way to capture those special moments. A deluxe photo booth rental adds a touch of fun and style to any special occasion.

Enhancing Your Day

How does a deluxe photo booth rental enhance your day? While your photographer works on the photos that will adorn your walls and coffee table books, your friends and extended family can take candid pictures that give you a better sense of the atmosphere on your special day. Even the most elegant ceremonies and receptions call for some element of fun throughout the evening, and a photo booth helps you keep things light and pressure-free.

Customizable, Built-In Keepsakes

Best of all, deluxe photo booths allow guests to take home special keepsakes that they can cherish for themselves. Most guests only see the pictures of a wedding when the couple posts a handful online, but a photo booth offers a memento of the occasion that they can post on their refrigerator or hang on their bedroom walls for years to come. With so much money spent on customized keepsakes for guests to take home, photo booths offer a much more affordable and personalized way to remember your wedding. Guests are much more likely to keep fun and quirky photos than they are to keep wedding trinkets.

Affordable Entertainment

Not only will a deluxe photo booth rental enhance your special day and alleviate the stress of catching all those candid moments, but it will provide affordable entertainment options to your reception. After the special dances and cake-cutting, guests start to meander and look at their watches as they count down the time before send-off. Photo booths give your guests a fun way to pass the time while waiting between reception activities. Including props and special backdrops will also spice up the activity and make it a popular spot for guests of every age.

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